Patient Testimonials

  • As a sufferer of chronic back pain, including arthritis, my family physician recommended Tony for physical therapy to aid my daily impediment. Tony is very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to work with. He always ensured the best therapy is applied. With consistent take home exercises, a variety of stretching, and more, I have overcome long standing back issues and am able to complete daily life activities without pain again. Thanks to Tony I am also able to golf, hunt and resume other outdoor activities I enjoy. I highly recommend Tony!

    Len S.

  • Feels great thank you so much! It helps my back a lot

    Jeffrey D.

  • Tony is the Man he has helped me learn to walk and recover from surgery

    Rodney M.

  • I HIGHLY recommend Tony at Rebound PT. Extremely knowledgeble, experienced, and focused on results!!

    Amy B.

  • Love Rebound PT. Tony got me rehabbed and ready for MCL/ACL repair weeks ahead of schedule. I’m back now with post-op rehab and doing great.

    Juanita W.

  • Tony is awesome!!! we have been pals for 5 years! Definitely my favorite physical therapists!

    Mady H.

  • Tony has really helped my golfers elbow and stiff shoulder. He also shared several great exercises to help flexibility and rotation. Great sessions!

    Steve S.

  • Bulged disc injury at work. Two session’s in and i now believe with time, patience, PAIN and dedication that I’m going to be just fine.

    Troy Mc.

  • Absolutely love Tony Peppley any injury I ever have he one of the only ones I trust that I can go to…. he is absolutely amazing and I love their new Location!!!!

    Charity J.

  • The staff is always friendly and caring, and there is nobody better at helping you get better then Tony!

    Bruce H.

  • After getting in a car accident on March 28th, I tired everything to get rid of my back pain. From chiropractic to massage to physical therapy. Just 3 weeks in with Tony and I am completely pain free! I can now enjoy my yoga practice and exercise, thank you!

    Ashtin M.

  • Amazing people that sincerely have your best interests in mind. They won’t try to milk you for money, only prescribe as much therapy as is truly needed.

    Oren N.

  • Though I’m not a patient, my client is and she is doing great. Tony and Ian make coming twice a week fun with their jokes and smiling faces.

    Michelle P.

  • I’ve been seeing Tony going on 11 years now off and on. I firmly believe that no other therapist could have handled such a complicated replacement. Because of Tony I walk without a limp for the most part and if you didn’t know I’ve had a replacement you would never be able to tell. Thank you Tony

    Jennifer B.

  • After my bilateral knee replacement surgery (yes! Both at the same time!), I began physical therapy with Tony. He helped me immensely, encouraging me, yet expecting me to do my part too. He never seemed rushed, taking his time to explain things and actually, “almost” made therapy fun. I highly recommend him and can vouch for his expertise and knowledge.

    Mary S.

  • Many of us are afflicted with chronic back pain and there are a plethora of treatments. Having had success with PT for a neck injury, I decided to visit with Tony again. His “matter of fact” approach is refreshing. He makes no grandiose promises. Tony does, however, provide a path of treatment that works. I would recommend Rebound for any level of PT.

    David S.

  • Love Rebound PT in Boise at Parkcenter! Tony works extremely well with my 15 year and her ankle injury. Not only is he managing her physical recovery well but he is also wonderful at counseling and encouraging her to have patience and go slow now for better results in the future. She actually listens to him so he’s doing something right!

    Ali G.

  • After a full shoulder replacement Tony went to work. Now 3 months out from surgery Tony has helped me attain more flexibility than ever with literally no pain. Doctor gave me a clean bill of health to start resistance training next week and says I am way ahead on the recovery curve with my PT! Can’t thank Tony and his team enough for getting my shoulder back into play again!

    Intermountain C.

  • Ian is an awesome therapist and so easy to talk with. I am so thrilled with gaining strength in my knee. And I am very confident now with carrying my 3 year old granddaughter down stairs.

    Bonnie E.

  • Tony is a no nonsense physical therapist.

    He assigns simple but effective exercises with a slow but steady pace that quickly bring back strength and endurance.

    On November 21, 2016, I had surgery to repair my left posterior tibial tendon (tendon for the arch of the foot). Eight weeks of no weight bearing and 90% of the time I had to keep my foot above my heart. The recovery period caused muscle atrophy. I was quite cautious of movement after my Dr released me to pursue physical therapy. He recommended Tony and his recommendation is well founded.

    Every session has proven successful and I’m ready to start getting back to an active life style again, thanks to Tony’s instruction and patience.

    Connie E.

  • Wow! Rebound is an awesome place! TONY helped me tremendously after I had multiple surgeries on my foot! He was fun to work with and provided many exercises I could do at home without special equipment. The office staff is very efficient and friendly. Overall it was a very positive experience! I would highly recommend them!

    Vicky H.